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San Diego collision centers do’s and dont’s in auto collision repair

san diego collision centers do's and dont's in auto collision repair

San diego collision Centers do’s and Dont’s in auto collision repair


Driving is a necessary, helpful part of life. The most recent U.S. Census survey found that 91.6% of American households owned at least one vehicle. And although driving is popular, many vehicle owners choose to drive without learning much about how the car works. We’re here to help! You have an issue with your vehicle. Maybe your breaks are making funny noises, or perhaps you came out to your parked car only to find a new, shiny dent. Whatever the issue, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between an auto body shop and an auto repair shop, right? You’re not alone! And who better to ask than us, your trusted San diego collision center & repair miramar ?

san diego collision centers do's and dont's in auto collision repair

san diego collision centers do’s and dont’s in auto collision repair

Let’s break it down in simple terms. Think of your vehicle as made up of the engine and the body. The engine gives the car the power to move forward and back, and the body holds everything within, including passengers, the engine, and more. An auto body shop or auto collision repair shop typically fixes the vehicle’s body. An auto repair shop typically repairs the components and parts worn out as you drive your car. Think auto glass, doors, the frame, bumpers, and more.


Here’s what auto collision repair facilities typically CAN do:


Restoration After Minor and Major Collisions

Generally speaking, auto collision repair facilities take care of vehicle restoration after minor and major auto collisions. This can include the replacement of bumpers, damaged body panels, glass repair or replacement, frame damage repairs, auto painting, dent repairs, PDR, and more. Read on to learn more about what each of these processes entails!


Replacement of Bumpers, Damaged Body Panels, and Other Components

Auto collision repair facilities can repair or replace bumpers, damaged body panels, and other external vehicle components. They are designed to take on the accident’s force and protect the interior components. In auto accidents, bumpers and body panels are damaged more often than glass or the vehicle’s frame.

Glass Repair or Replacement

Whether you have a chip or crack from driving around town or your window or windshield was damaged in an accident, auto collision repair facilities can help. If you don’t repair cracks in your windshield, it can hinder your vision, leading to a collision. Unrepaired glass cracks also lead to structural damage to your vehicle.


Frame Damage Repairs

Frame damage is common in accidents. About 50% of vehicles require frame repair after an auto accident. Finding and repairing frame damage is tricky, which is why auto collision repair facilities do the work. They know how to spot the damage by looking for visible damage under the vehicle, finding that parts do not fit correctly, looking for shock and suspension damage, or finding that the vehicle cannot be realigned.


Auto Painting

You might want a new paint job on your vehicle or need one because of an accident. Either way, most auto collision repair facilities can help! They can also help with paint swirling issues, fading paint, rock chips, and general scratches in your vehicle’s paint.


PDR or Paintless Dent Repair

Many times, with dents, auto body shops recommending replacing a panel or bumper. But in some cases, they offer paintless dent repair services on-site or as a sublet. This service is typically applicable for more minor dents and dings. It’s cheaper, especially when the dent or ding repair is not covered by insurance.


Handle Insurance Processes

An auto collision repair facilities goal is to bring your vehicle back to its pre-existing condition after an accident. Many shops work directly with insurance companies to ensure you get what you need in the repair. In many cases, they will even provide a rental car!